Hardware Diagnostics

As your computer gets older the likeliness of a system component failing becomes greater and greater.
We have the ability to diagnose and verify the functionality of a wide range of hardware and pinpoint what component is failing, using that information we can calculate how much a repair would cost or if recommending a new device would be more cost efficient.

Virus Malware Spyware Removal

With a large part of our lives online and daily usage, a computer can become infected whether its mistakenly clicking on a bad link, downloading bad software, or opening a spoofed email from a loved one. Accidents happen and when they do they can cause a wide range of issues and at times can be quite difficult to get rid of. These kind of issues aren’t typically handled at a user’s residents as it can take hours to a day to resolve.

OS Reload / Reimage / Reinstall

Hardware failure, Power failures, Virus. They can all cause corruption and some times that corruption isn’t repairable the only way to resolve that would be to Reinstall the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) This kind of repair normally isn’t handled at a user’s residents the OS normally takes under 2 hours to install but what takes the most time is drivers and updates.

Data Backup

If your worry about loss of data, corruption, or Ransomware its best time to act is now. The majority of Web services have multiple copies of data to prevent against data loss. If you care about your files its best to have an external copy of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a cloud, home NAS,  external hard drive or flash drive. The important thing is that you have 2 copies independent of each other.

Data Recovery

Ransomware, Viruses, power loss, corruption, accidental deletion can all legitimate reasons to have loss of data if you find yourself in that situation we can use off the shelf software to attempt restore that data. If in the event we are unable to retrieve the lost files we can refer you to a data recovery center.

Home Network Setup

Setting up a new wireless router or even changing out an existing out can get tricky especially when your factor in 2 computers, 3 phones, 1 tablet, 3 smart TVs, a printer, and a smart vac. Most in home Wi-Fi setups can be done within an hour and there is no device maximum.


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